The relationships have been built with the senior executives and compliance counsel with many of the largest lead providers in America have helped to forge the compliance guidelines our company lives by today. These relationships and partnerships have allowed us to grow and flourish in purchasing and leveraging the related data from all the top industry lead providers in such a way that today over a decade later, allow us to continue to serve industry professionals, consumers, lead providers in a variety of ways including the reduction of overall CPL while supporting the growth of mortgage pipelines and enabling hard-working Americans to find their path to homeownership.

Kurt Benjamin

Kurt brings to SUREPATHS nearly 2 decades of real estate industry and compliance DNA. From his history as co-founder and partner in two hedge funds to active industry experience as an investor in the NPL sector, MBS, and CMBS sectors. Kurt also worked with and consulted Sig Anderman, the then CEO and Chairman of Ellie Mae and helped to construct mission-critical partnerships during the mortgage crisis that not only bolstered Ellie Mae’s P&L but went for years to support many independent mortgage companies that were in peril of being shuttered during the financial crisis.

Jeff Elam

Jeff brings over two decades of real estate investment and a track record of successful business ventures to SUREPATHS. Despite having invested in multiple industries, Jeff always returns to real estate where his passions lie. Jeff created efficiencies and solutions where there were none in lead generation for mortgage and have since allowed for the forging of partnerships at the highest levels in the industry. Guided entirely by compliance, these strategies and revenue streams are among the most successful and sustainable in existence today.

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